Mission company.



We are in the market from 1946. This is 70 years on experience. It is an incredible competitive advantage. The services market are changed and we are changed with him. Through the quality of our business and services we are have trust and favor ours clients.


Solid work

The Solid work our staff it is guaranties professional services. Shapes the development of our business. Human capital it is the most valuable the foundation of the company. We cares about employee satisfaction staff and  their consistent functioning in society.



For many years we are promote through our business values: honesty, comradeship, respect, family. We are trying to through our attitude giving good example and show modern business can be ethical.

Poland brand

Everything started after war. So was one of the first such cooperative work. From the beginning the capital company was polish and nothing will be change abut this. As Poland Brand we allied a lot of crisis in our home market. We are cooperation with polish providers. We are cares about the national economy.


Who we are?

We are people, who share common values. From the beginning the existence of Uniwersum we are promote in an environment which both the proximal distal a honesty, a comradeship, a  respect for another human being, a solid work. From the beginning years ours were the foundation of human capital.

Our activities include

Comprehensive protection of people and property

Technical provision and handling of different objects

Parking services

Cleaning services

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